Thursday, October 23, 2014

Surprise Subject Test!

Was up world,

This is a story of when I had a test and did not know what the subject was.
Hope you like it!


Voice Recorder >>

urrrrg, as I was studying I felt the light grew dimmer and dimmer and dimmer. I can’t take this any longer. as I was doing reading problems and answering them. I was almost done. Just this last problem I felt an ache on my hand. I decided I was done and went to bed.
“Wake up Mark, its 7:01.You breakfast is here.” I woke up with a shot of fear. Tomorrow is today! Whatever I thought it was out of my mind. I can get through this. As I was eating my oatmeal. My imagination went berserk. It looked like The peaches we're words asking me As soon as I was done questions. I got through it; but after it I was waiting outside.
An hour later, I realized I was walking towards the lab. Closer, closer, and closer. As the teacher started talking,
“ Welcome to the MAP’s test also known as the measurements of academic progress. Today we're doing the math test.” The teacher said with a pause.
Oh no! I studied for a reading test. As the process went by I got more worried and worried.
“All righty, lets get started. When the start button pops up you may begin,” Said the tech teacher.  
When the button popped up I pressed it with half confident and half fear. When the first question popped up I was able to answer it. But more and more came up and it became harder.
“Students please find a stopping point and we will finish the test up tomorrow.”
When I heard that I felt a sigh of relief. As I finished up last question I was exited out from the test.  Now after the test, I now feel like that I can study tonight about math.
We I went home I was telling my mother about the test. She said ok, just get ready for tomorrow.
One day later. Ahhhhh, I felt the breeze in my face, pass by me with success. As I jumped out of bed with a casual walk to the kitchen I sat down and ate my breakfast like wolf. Then I tiptoed to my closet and prepared for the day.

So now here we go again. Walking down the hall and as soon as we got in we logged in the test and started where we left off yesterday. When I started I was ok. As it went on and on; minutes and minutes pass by with children’s brain working. When I saw other peoples screen They were done. I started to get worried so I was picking up the pace. And I saw a number that was the overall score, 215. So did everyone else. the had huge numbers and I started to get worried. Finally this was the last question and I was done. I answered it and got this miraculous number. 223 Was my overall score. I raised my hand with joy and my teacher went around and saw my score and reacted. I left the lab with feeling of  happiness.