Thursday, December 18, 2014

The next 3 weeks

     The wind dyes down and we wait for a week just for the breeze of wind to push the ship. Looks like we got to make a navigation and supply check! We see the food and someone has been stealing the food! The whole crew looks at each other suspiciously. 2 weeks pass and our morale lowers to a 4. Our ship has severely gone of course and I pray to get back on track. My prayer has not applied to God and we see that the meat is shiny and sweet. Its gone rancid. Thankfully the lord answers with that the crew is healthy. 1 more week passes by, and me and the navigator new that there was a storm. So me and the navigator drove the ship with all my might and we survived the fierce storm. We happily praise the lord when we survived the storm. 

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