Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Journal entry #3

September 1, 1495


     Our crew has been traveling about a month and one of the crew members does not trust the captain and two ladies talk to the crew and they trust me a little longer. After that, we ignore the interpreter Anna.  The crew reeks with body Oder and when the are off duty they gamble and engage on the latest sports. Once I was doing a cockroach fight with another crew member. 
     The opponent named his cockroach Elsa and I name mine Snorlax. 
     "Ready.... set..." I said
     Both cockroaches run up the middle lane and mine tackles the opponent. He gets up and its a hand to hand combat. I shout GO GO GO! but mine was not fast. They both break and they dash at each other again. All of a sudden mine headbutts the opponents and his goes down hard and hes got a KO. Just as I was about to win another crew member throws his in and we have a showdown.
     "Hey! your not in this!" I said.
     "Well lets see about it."
     So my cockroach was down. He was tired of using his energy. the opponent quickly dashes to the right; cornering my cockroach. His cockroach body slams me and my cockroach is hanging on its dear life. 

To see the opponents point of view, here  

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