Friday, January 9, 2015

Land Ho!

September 8, 1495


     The crew threatens to stop working. But the crew continues to work. We see a plank floating with berries on it. It seems that did not happen not long ago. The crew rejoices and the captain comes up and says
     "To thee who finds land shall get 10,000 Merevedis. If ye not, ye shall not get any." The captain says.
     Everyone rushes to the boats and glare at the clear area. I hop on with 3 members. I see forward and my eyes deceive what they saw.
     I yell out with my 3 crew members, "LAND HO!!" 
     "Ye all git the Merevedis! About 2,500 Merevedis!" says the captain.
     We row to the land and we feel how good it feels to be back on land. The crew rejoices that the captain kisses the broad sand. But then a brush of leaves go by. A set of eyes glare with a meaningful eye. We git out our weapons and they are scared. Some come out and one came forward and griped my sword and he cuts his hand. Our surgeon Preston, comes to the rescue and patches him. The Indians thank him by giving him a shark tooth necklace. 

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